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Monday, March 21, 2011

Help me publish The Wolf: Fundraiser Part 3

I am self-publishing my new graphic novel The Wolf very soon. But I need to raise some money to do that. This is Part 3 in a series of fund-raising sales that I'll be doing in the coming weeks.

This time: Original Pages from my Melvins Comic Book
"Your Disease Spread Quick"
Originally part of the limited edition Melvins box set released by Hydra Head Records

All pages are ink on watercolor paper and 12x18" (except page 10/11 which is 18x24"). All purchases come with a signed copy of the comic book. All pages are priced individually. Interested in multiple pages? Let me know - I will give discounts if you buy more than one page. Please indicate page numbers you are interested in.
Page 2 - SOLD
Page 3 - HOLD

Page 4 - SOLD

Page 5 - $200

Page 6 - $200

Page 7 - SOLD

Page 8 - SOLD

Page 10/11 - SOLD

Page 12 - SOLD

Page 14 - SOLD

Page 15 - SOLD

Page 16 - $200

Page 17 - SOLD

Page 18 - $200

Page 19 - $200

Page 20 - $200

Page 21 - $200

All purchases are first-come, first served.
All art purchases are final.
Please contact me by e-mail to make purchase:
iwilldestroyyou (at) roadrunner (dot) com
Shipping and insurance costs will be calculated at time of purchase.
All art sales come with extra items, too!
Payment: I prefer paypal, but other arrangements can be made.

Please consider buying some of my artwork. Or buy some of my other prints and books that are in my webstore. All purchases will go a long way towards helping me publish my book.

Thank you very much!

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