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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Doppelgänger review

A nice review of my Doppelgänger comic

"Alt-horror visionary Tom Neely — he of the much acclaimed, mostly wordless graphic novel The Blot — is at it again with another psychologically troubling take on the cartoon icons of the early 20th century. This time he’s putting Popeye through the paces in Doppelgänger, an action-packed reinterpretation of E.C. Segar’s sailor man. The book pits Popeye against his greatest enemy of all: himself. Multiple copies, in fact. It’s not Neely’s most overtly horrific work, to be sure, but doubles have been a staple of the uncanny for centuries (as Freud himself noted), and the scenes of Popeye and his duplicates assaulting one another evoke everything from Dead Ringers to 28 Days Later, all with impeccable linework that recalls the great master cartoonists of yore. You can order it through Neely’s I Will Destroy You imprint. Tastier than spinach and twice as good for you, folks!"

Order it TODAY!


Friday, October 22, 2010

NEW COMIC BOOK: Doppelgänger

by Tom Neely
a New Comic Book from I Will Destroy You Comics!

preview pages:

Packed with psychedelic pummeling and paranoid pathos!
16 page black & white mini-comic
Only $4 (+ shipping)

"The first time I've seen a Cubist Popeye Comic!" - Charles Brownstein
"Your Popeye Comic RULES!" - Skinner
"I thought that said 'Dope Gang!'" - Tim Goodyear


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

San Francisco this weekend!

This weekend I'm heading to San Francisco for two events!

First I'll be at a book release party for The Exquisite Book edited by Julia Rothman and published by Chronicle Books. The release party will be at Rare Device from 7 to 9 on Thursday the 14th.

Saturday and Sunday I'll be at the Alternative Press Expo (APE). I have my own table on the main floor right next to Sparkplug Comic Books and Pigeon Press. I'll be debuting a brand new mini-comic called Doppelgänger.

I will have some Henry & Glenn "Special Package" collector's items for sale. I will also have Bound & Gagged and all of my other books and prints available for sale. Maybe even some original art.

I'm part of a panel Sunday on "The Art of Storytelling" along with Renee French, Lynda Barry, Megan Kelso and Jen Wang.

Also debuting at the show is the new anthology Studygroup 12 #4. I have 6 pages of art in this amazing book published by Zack Soto and Floating World Comics.

Please come out and say "HI" an see all the wonderful comics from all the participating artists and publishers.