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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What I'm up to...

I'm working hard to finish my 180 page graphic novel "the blot."

I'm about halfway through the inking now, and hope to have the book debut at one of the conventions this summer.

Below is a step-by-step of how I ink a page. (click to view larger images)

This page is the title page for chapter 3.


Title inked, then the rest of the inking begins:

The inking is complete...

Now it's time to add the ink blots:

And the finished page:


Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year...

2006 was a rollercoaster year that started off bad and then got worse... but then suddenly everything got good, then really good and continued to get better and better. I think I'll look back on 2006 as one of the most significant years in my life. A year that I started nearly broke and looking for work, but ended up being my most successful year of freelancing yet. Mona left me and it felt like the end of the world, but then I realized how much better my life is without her dark cloud hanging over me. I thought I'd lose the house in the break-up, but was able to keep it and improve on it by adding a painting studio. I was rejected for the Xeric Grant for comics self-publishing, but I received a publishing offer from one of my favorite comics publishers. I had two successful art shows- Survival of the Fittest, a group show I curated, and Igloo Tornado's debut show at Black Maria Gallery. I got a dog, Barky, the sweetest little girl I could ask for. And I found new love with Anna and we are ridiculously happy.

Anyway... 2006 may end up being one of the more significant years of my personal life, but 2007 should be one of the best years of my professional life. I have a solo art show coming up in September at Black Maria Gallery. I am finishing my graphic novel, and will debut it at some of the comic conventions this summer. And lots of more stuff, too...

Also, I will be completely redesigning and updating my website very soon. So check back later this month.