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Thursday, February 16, 2012

L.A. Zinefest this weekend!

The brand new and already awesome L.A. Zinefest happens this weekend! And I'm involved in a couple of the events.

First off - Saturday Night, Feb 18th at 8 pm: 
This little event was curated by me and my pal Keenan Keller. We've been putting this program together all week and it's gonna be a ridiculous ride through some awesome comix, zines, readings, psychedelic animation and other strangeness. I can't wait to see some of this happen live.

I will be unveiling my brand new Henry & GLenn story "Buried Secrets" performed by Eric vesbit and Mark Wilson (the actors who portrayed Henry & Glenn in my X-mas Cartoon).  I'm also putting together an existentialist Garfield nightmare. Don't miss it!

But that's just one of the kick-off parties!

LA Zinefest happens all day Sunday!  
There are a ton of good people with interesting zines and comix and other things exhibiting at the Zinefest this year. Even Henry Rollins is supposed to be there (first time we've been in a room together since the H&G book dropped)

I Will Destroy You will have a table full of my books, comics, minis and prints. I will also have a distro set up with books from out-of-town zinesters like John Porcellino, Zak Sally, Studygroup Comics, Press Gang, Uncivilized Books and the Igloo Tornado!

Sparkplug Comic Books will also be joining me with a full line of their books!

Friday also has a couple of events at Home Room and Secret Headquarters. There are several events going on all weekend and you can find out about them here.

Please come out and join us all weekend long.  Los Angeles is full of amazingly talented people who make lots of interesting things. We've needed a Zinefest in this town for a long time. Come out and support small-press and DIY culture!


Friday, February 10, 2012

May all your dreams come true...

...and hopefully they won't become nightmares.

A couple of cool things I'm excited to announce:
1) I have completed Part 1 of "Buried Secrets" a new story to be serialized in the upcoming Igloo Tornado's Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever comic book mini-series. First issue should be debuting at Stumptown Comics Festival in Portland, OR and then in stores May! More info for this coming very soon
2) I just got the gig to draw some "legit" Popeye comics for the new IDW series written by my pal Roger Langridge. A while back I did a bootleg Popeye comic that you can read for free online at Studygroup12 Comics (or you can buy the mini-comic in my webstore). Now I'm really happy to say I've completed my first Sappo back-up story and am beginning a full issue of Popeye!  More info for that soon, too.

Next week is LA Zinefest, lotsa fun stuff happening, so stay tuned for more announcements!


Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Warren Bernard and Tom Neely at Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery, September 24, 2011

My long, overdue, self-indulgent, self-obligatory post about 2011... late... it's February already. and I feel like this year is getting away from me... but in a good way (more on that later). 

2011 was simultaneously the best and worst year of my life so far. The loss of my friend Dylan is something I'm still not really able to talk about. So, I want to focus on the "best" parts of last year. 

Best of all - The Wolf was finally set loose! It's been a pretty successful effort so far. Though sales have been slow lately (c'mon stores - re-order! keep my books in stock!) I'm very proud of this book.  Thank you to everyone who have adopted a Wolf. I hope you enjoy it. I've received a lot of good press, and ended up on several "Best of 2011" lists on the internets. So, here's some links to archive that stuff:

It's on J.T. Dockery's and Keenan Keller's Top 5 of 2011 at the Atomic Books Blog

Ed Luce includes me in his Best list

Thirteen minutes Best of 2011

Graphic Eye's Best of 2011
and another Best of 2011 list on Graphic Eye.

Kristi Valenti's "career-spanning" interview for The Comics Journal. Even though I feel very "naked" after this and it kinda makes me wanna hide in a cave, it's an honor to be covered in the esteemed TCJ. I never thought it would happen. That interview was conducted in the middle of my tour (Sorry - it's very long - apparently I'm a wind-bag).

The Wolf Tour was an amazing trip! it was a rollercoaster of a Fall in every way, but spending time on the road, visiting friends all along the way, flying kites, punk rock thai food, sleeping under D&D dice, making everyone eat vegan dinners with me, all the fun dinners! record shopping in every town, getting new tattoos, seeing the la mano 21 press and tooth in action, kids, the all "wolf" song dj sets at footsies, digging thru longboxes with cartoonists, fighting over coveted undergound comics found in longboxes, laughing our asses off at anal cunt song titles, sharing a genuine kumbaya moment when everyone quietly sang along to jesse playing "tainted love" on a guitar, hanging out at the fantagraphics headquarters, drinking too much bourbon with kentucky metal-heads, getting lost in museums in new york with friends, sisters, black metal and punk rock shows, late night art parties, brooklyn, new york, minneapolis, san francisco, napa, portland, seattle, berkeley, oakland, sacramento, bethesda, baltimore, san diego, los angeles, everyone who hung out, gave me a place to sleep, came to my signings, wined me, dined me, shared a story with me, supported me... i love you all. 

To be honest, everything before August is kind of a blur. It feels like the first half of the year was about 5 years ago. I think I remember the Igloo Tornado made the LA Weekly's Best of LA list... and we had a fun show at La Luz de Jesus... TCAF... Stumptown... all great things, too. 

I've also now been an herbivore for half my life. Vegetarian since '93. Vegan since 2000.

Anyway... 2012 is already shaping up to be a big year. I Will Destroy You Comics & Books is expanding slightly. I will soon be publishing Levon Jihanian's Danger Country. I will be co-publishing the all new Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever comic book mini-series. I will be releasing a Wolf compilation album and a Wolf special edition box set. I'm editing a new horror/metal/punk/art zine called Too Much Horror. My new partnership with Sparkplug is moving forward with a new book, too. I'm going to be regularly posting new and old comics on Studygroup 12. I'm planing another tour: East Coast and more... It's going to be a good year. 

Okay, enough of all that. Back to work! I have a new"legit" comics job that I'll be announcing soon. Here's a hint.
Gotta lotta drawing to do...

Thank you to everyone along the way. 
You know who you are.