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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Comicon report...

San Diego Comic Con was a lot of fun. For some reason, this year's con was kind of relaxing for me. I had agreat time hanging out with my friends and selling comics and everything. For the first time it actually felt like a little vacation, even though I was working the Global Hobo booth most of the week. Here's some photos by my pal, Levon Jihanian.

I sold out of my book, tuesday. And the new parody comic, Krayons Ego, was a huge hit and sold out as well.

Apparently there was some pact that the contributors to Krayons Ego wouldn't reveal themselves... But I wasn't in on that pact originally, and my ego makes me wanna tell everyone which pages I did. Here's one of the best reviews I've ever received for comics:

"It's pretty damn funny. I laughed out loud at the Sammy Harkham, Souther Salazar, Gabrielle Bell and Ben Jones parodies (oh, and Mr. T, all drawn in a Tom Gauld style). " - Eric Reynolds

The rest of the books is great. I finally got to read it at Comicon last week, and laughed out loud at several of the pieces. I particularly like "Project Inferior" and the Jefferey Brown parody and the stab at the reigning king of parody,Johnny Ryan.

So, as I promised last week, here are the pages I did for the book. Those of you who aren't familiar with the indie comics world, may not get these strips... they are ridiculous exagerations and inside jokes, but anyway here's a little explanation: As I mentioned before, my pages were a parody of Tom Gauld's brilliant pages from Kramer's Ergot #5 in which he had six one page strips about famous authors such as Cervantes and Emily Dickinson. I love those strips and decided to steal his style and format to make one page strips about several of the other cartoonists in Kramers Ergot. I was also channeling the impressively offensive humor of Johnny Ryan and Ivan Brunetti. Some of their comics are disturbingly offensive, but they are always hilarious. SO with that spirit, here are my pages... (click on them for larger view)

Sammy Harkham is the editor of Kramers Ergot. If you know him, you know he's very devoted to his faith, so, of course I couldn't resist the urge to make fun of that. Sammy is a very talented cartoonist and I highly reccommend his graphic novel Poor Sailor, and his new series Crickets.

Souther Salazar is one of my favorite artists alive today. His work is stunningly beautiful and filled with a childlike innocence and optimism that I admire greatly. His art career is really taking off lately, so watch out for him as he sores into fame. He's also one of the nicest people I've ever met, thus I had to turn him into a whore-stabbing asshole in my strip.

Kevin Huizenga is one of my favorite new cartoonists, and we share a common love of Floyd Gottfredson. I highly reccommend all of his Or Else series.

Gabrielle Bell is one of the most talented cartoonists to get attention lately. I love her work in Lucky and in the latest Drawn & Quarterly Showcase #4.

Everyone in the world seems to love Ben Jones and his Paper Rad comics. I don't care for them much, myself, but oh well...

And who doesn't love Mr. T?

I got a lot of great books at the Con this year, including: Walt & Skeezix Volume 2, Babel #2, Mome #4 & 5, Maybe Later, Tales Designed to Thrizzle #1 & 2, Watching Days Become Years #3, Bardin the Superrealist, Paralysis, Drawn & Quarterly Showcase #4, Krayons Ego, Asthma and Cartoon Modern. I also got an amazing book of an Italian Don Quixote comic strip- too bad I can't read Italian.


Monday, July 17, 2006

San Diego Comic Con!

Oh jeez... it's time again for the biggest convention of the year... it's ridiculously huge, exhaustively-commercialized, and frightenningly over-populated with every variety of nerd, geek, freak, pervert, weirdo and genius!!!

Ahhh, I can't wait- I love it... then I hate it, then the delerium kicks in and I start to love it even more, and then it's Saturday and there's over 100,000 people there and it begins to crush my soul... but there's no other place I'd rather be this week!

San Diego Comic Con starts this Thursday, July 20th.

This year I'll be with Global Hobo again... however, we've teamed up with Alvin Bueneventura, Sparkplug Comic Books, and the Honeybunch Squad to take over 5 booths all in one island. It's gonna be a lot of fun. Come on by booth #1528 to find me and all my pals.

I'm trying to finish a new mini in time (only 48 hours left to do that), but I will have copies of "tuesday." and "Henry & Glenn 4-ever".

And I have 6 pages in the parody anthology "Krayons Ego." This is a parody of the exceptional art-comix anthology Kramer's Ergot, edited and published by Sammy Harkham of Avodah Books (in association with Gingko Press). I did a parody of Tom Gauld's brilliant pages from Kramer's #5. And I've lampooned several of the cartoonists who contribute to the Kramers Ergot series. All done with love and respect, so please don't punch me in the face, guys! Other contributors include: Jesse Reklaw, Mark Campos, Karen Sneider, Josh Frankel, Clutch, and Sarah Oleksyk.

Here's a fake cover for the book. I'll post pages from it next week: