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Monday, December 19, 2005


Happy Holidays from Tom & Mona & Sam!


Thursday, December 08, 2005

Check out my friend: Kathleen Lolley

Another friend, Kathleen Lolley, has a show opening this Friday at the Harmony Gallery.

What can I say about her artwork? I just saw a preview of the show and I'm left a bit speechless. Whenever I try to write about an artist I really really like, I lose my vocabulary for describing artwork and I'm left just babbling the words "amazing" and "beautiful." But Kathleen's new paintings and drawings really are amazing and beautiful. If I had a lot of money, I would've bought nearly the entire show today and I would've taken them home and hoarded them in my little house so I could look at them all the time... But lucky for you- I don't have a lot of money... and I'm not a very good thief... So, her artwork is still hanging on the walls of the gallery. And everyone should go see them this month.

The show opens Friday, December 9th, from 8-10 pm
Kathleen Lolley and Mike Stilkey
at Harmony Gallery
5911 1/2 Franklin Ave (near Bronson)
Hollywood, CA 90028
The show will be up through January 15th and then all of her wonderful paintings will have new homes, 'cause I'm sure it's gonna sell out.

Unfortunately Miss Lolley will not be in town for the opening, but she might be making another L.A. appearance in a group show I'm curating in March. More details about that will come soon!