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Friday, December 10, 2010

I made a Henry & Glenn Cartoon...

Henry & Glenn Forever star in "A Very Special Anti-X-Mas Special."

Written, directed and animated by Tom Neely. www.iwilldestroyyou.com

Starring the voices of Eric Vesbit and Mark Wilson.

Live action commercial actors: Barky, Matthew Gardocki, Mark Thompson and J. Bennett.

Theme song by Tom Neely and Blake Neely. Additional music and sound production by Blake Neely at Cow on the Wall Studios.

Based on the Henry & Glenn Forever Comic Book created by The Igloo Tornado: Tom Neely, Gin Stevens Scot Nobles and Dino Fucker.

Order copies of the comic from Cantankerous Titles distributed by Microcosm Publishing. www.microcosmpublishing.com


Wednesday, November 24, 2010


You know what makes good stocking stuffers?

I've got a couple of special deals for you:

1) The IWDY Comics Stocking Stuffer Special!
You get Brilliantly Ham-fisted, Your Disease Spread Quick, Neely Covers... Creeps!, Doppelgänger and Bound & Gagged all for $25! You save ten bucks!

A perfect gift for someone who's a fan of The Blot or Henry & Glenn Forever, but maybe hasn't read my other comics yet.
Plus they all fit perfectly in a stocking!

2) Free copy of Doppelgänger with any order!
That's right- my newest and most awesomest comic is free when you order anything else from my webstore.
Order The Blot - get a Doppelgänger.
Order a Moby Dick print - get a Doppelgänger.
Order a Doppelgänger - get a Doppelgänger!
etc... etc... etc...
Get it?

Orders must be received by December 15th so I can ship them in time for yr gift-giving. Everything (except prints) is shipping Priority Flat Rate envelope ($5 US Priority shipping, $12 International).


Saturday, November 06, 2010


A really nice review by Rob Clough of 3 books I did this year is up at The Comics Journal.
"he’s released a handful of gorgeous minicomics... In the past year, he’s become really ambitious with regard to his side projects, which speaks to his love of collaboration."
"It’s an affectionate send-up of the testosterone-soaked images of both singers by real fans, replete with lyrics-as-dialogue and all of the familiar iconography for both men. It’s less a poke at them than it is a parody of romance comics, overly-sensitive emo indy comics, and self-obsessed diary strips."

"The Neely-edited anthology Bound & Gagged is a far more accomplished and ambitious work, as 33 different cartoonists were asked to submit single-panel gag strips... All told, this is a beautifully-curated anthology with a clever premise that features cartoonists who raised their game."
"Neely took the idea of identical Popeyes battling each other from an old issue of his comic and turned it into a visceral examination of the ways in which our own id can lead to self-negating behavior."

And then you should buy these comics now.


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Doppelgänger review

A nice review of my Doppelgänger comic

"Alt-horror visionary Tom Neely — he of the much acclaimed, mostly wordless graphic novel The Blot — is at it again with another psychologically troubling take on the cartoon icons of the early 20th century. This time he’s putting Popeye through the paces in Doppelgänger, an action-packed reinterpretation of E.C. Segar’s sailor man. The book pits Popeye against his greatest enemy of all: himself. Multiple copies, in fact. It’s not Neely’s most overtly horrific work, to be sure, but doubles have been a staple of the uncanny for centuries (as Freud himself noted), and the scenes of Popeye and his duplicates assaulting one another evoke everything from Dead Ringers to 28 Days Later, all with impeccable linework that recalls the great master cartoonists of yore. You can order it through Neely’s I Will Destroy You imprint. Tastier than spinach and twice as good for you, folks!"

Order it TODAY!


Friday, October 22, 2010

NEW COMIC BOOK: Doppelgänger

by Tom Neely
a New Comic Book from I Will Destroy You Comics!

preview pages:

Packed with psychedelic pummeling and paranoid pathos!
16 page black & white mini-comic
Only $4 (+ shipping)

"The first time I've seen a Cubist Popeye Comic!" - Charles Brownstein
"Your Popeye Comic RULES!" - Skinner
"I thought that said 'Dope Gang!'" - Tim Goodyear


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

San Francisco this weekend!

This weekend I'm heading to San Francisco for two events!

First I'll be at a book release party for The Exquisite Book edited by Julia Rothman and published by Chronicle Books. The release party will be at Rare Device from 7 to 9 on Thursday the 14th.

Saturday and Sunday I'll be at the Alternative Press Expo (APE). I have my own table on the main floor right next to Sparkplug Comic Books and Pigeon Press. I'll be debuting a brand new mini-comic called Doppelgänger.

I will have some Henry & Glenn "Special Package" collector's items for sale. I will also have Bound & Gagged and all of my other books and prints available for sale. Maybe even some original art.

I'm part of a panel Sunday on "The Art of Storytelling" along with Renee French, Lynda Barry, Megan Kelso and Jen Wang.

Also debuting at the show is the new anthology Studygroup 12 #4. I have 6 pages of art in this amazing book published by Zack Soto and Floating World Comics.

Please come out and say "HI" an see all the wonderful comics from all the participating artists and publishers.


Friday, September 24, 2010

West Hollywood Book Fair!

This Sunday, September 26th, is the 9th Annual West Hollywood Book Fair!

I'll have a table (D13-16, Table E) in the Indie Comics Creators section.

I'll have all of my usual books and prints available: Henry & Glenn Forever, The Blot, Brilliantly Ham-fisted, Your Disease Spread Quick, Neely... Creeps!, Bound & Gagged, Moby Dick, Rock Posters, etc, etc...

Come out and check out all the books!!!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I support this cause...

By all means! Let Noah Van Sciver draw Howard the Duck for Marvel's Strange Tales Comics!!!

And while they're at it, let me draw Spider-man and Dr. Strange!!!


Friday, September 17, 2010

Go See Bound & Gagged!

A reminder that the Bound & Gagged show is still up at The Secret Headquarters in LA. If you haven't been over to see this show, you're missing out. So much great art by a bunch of artists rarely exhibited in Los Angeles.

Over 50 pieces of art in the show.
See wonderful gags like these:
Hilarity from Kazimir Strzepek!

Trip out with Chris Wright!
Get creeped out by Levon Jihanian.

Support independent art!

The show is up for the rest of September.

And while you're there, pick up the Bound & Gagged book.
It's only $10!



Wednesday, September 08, 2010

SPX this weekend!

I will be at the Small Press Expo in Bethesda this weekend. I'll be helping out at the Microcosm table (table #E9) promoting Henry & Glenn Forever. I will also have some of my own books for sale, including the brand new Bound & Gagged!

Also, I'll be on a panel about storytelling moderated by Heidi MacDonald on Sunday at 12:30. Who knows if I'll have anything interesting to say.

Please come out and support small press comics!


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bound & Gagged!

BOUND & GAGGED is here!

What happens when you as a bunch of cartoonists, artists and assorted weirdos to do one panel gag comics?

72 pages of color and black & white comics by some of todays best underground and alternative cartoonists and artists:

Andrice Arp, Marc Bell, Elijah J. Brubaker, Shawn Cheng, Chris C. Cilla, Michael DeForge, Kim Deitch, J. T. Dockery, Theo Ellsworth, Austin English, Eamon Espey, Robert Goodin, Julia Gfrörer, Levon Jihanian, Juliacks, Kaz, David King, Tom Neely, Anders Nilsen, Scot Nobles, Jason Overby, John Porcellino, Jesse Reklaw, Tim Root, Zak Sally, Gabby Schulz, Josh Simmons, Ryan Standfest, Kaz Strzepek, Matthew Thurber, Noah Van Sciver, Dylan Williams, Chris Wright and MORE!?*

Here's a taste of what you want:
Jason Overby and Marc Bell

Dylan Williams and Levon Jihanian

Juliacks and Kaz

Anders Nilsen and Gabby Schulz

Theo Ellsworth and Kaz Strzepek

Zak Sally and Chris Wright

Tom Neely and Josh Simmons

72 pages
Perfect bound
5.5x6 inches
Color and Black&White
cover art by Chris C. Cilla
curated by Tom Neely
published by I Will Destroy You Comics
$10 retail.

We're having a BOOK RELEASE PARTY this Friday, September 3rd!

Please come out to the book release party and art show.
See some art. Have some drinks.
Get your books signed by some of the artists.

Order your copies from my webstore!

Stores please e-mail me (tom (at) iwilldestroyyou (dot) com)
to inquire about ordering wholesale.


(*Matt Wiegle is also in the art show, but not the book)


Monday, August 30, 2010

Exquisite Book

The above painting is part of The Exquisite Book out now from Chronicle Books. I'm in it! Go get yours today!


Monday, August 16, 2010


For a limited time, you can now get both 1st and 2nd editions of Henry & Glenn Forever bundled together through my webstore. You can even get them signed and personalized!

A note about the difference in the two editions- The first edition is the now hard to find 5x5" 60 page minicomic. Sold out everywhere except here. 2nd edition is the expanded 6x6" 64 page book with 12 new strips. Both books are unique. So, if you want all the HG4ever strips, you gotta get both books!

To get both books bundled together, go to my webstore NOW!

If you already have the 1st edition or you just want the 2nd edition by itself, please order it from Microcosm Distro here.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Coming Soon...

I've curated a group show for The Secret Headquarters Comic Book Shop that will open September 3rd, 2010. This will also be the book release party for an anthology of Gag cartoons that I will be publishing.

More info for Bound and Gagged book and art show coming soon.


Saturday, August 07, 2010


I think I just got my first bit of Henry & Glenn Forever inspired hatemail. This was left in my comments inbox, but I thought I'd post it here and respond. From someone named Ravenscar:

"I cant think of whats more pathetic: the irony in the truth that, Tom IS a typical internet loser phile with no life or LASTING legacy like Henry or Glenn-despite the many obvious and predictable detractions one could rip them apart with, and which countless nobodys do every second of everyday about those who more popular than them (hint, hint) or the fact that their contribution to the arts is a mediocre piece whose artwork is unoriginal, and rips off the longstanding underground greats poking at a longtime, long lasting comraderie of two people responsible for setting off an entirely new genre of music, as *assumes butthead tone* uh, huh-huh, those two are gaybags...I laughed at your piece then moved on...enjoy your 15 seconds of fame"

Thanks for your comment. I haven't been around long enough to have any "lasting legacy." Time will tell. And if I do end up with any legacy as an artist, I hope it's for my many other works of art and comics which i take much more seriously: The Blot, Your Disease Spread Quick, Brilliantly Ham-fisted, my forthcoming book The Wolf, or any of the other pieces of art that I've worked very hard at over the years, and will continue to work at for the rest of my life. Art is my life. And though the Henry & Glenn book may be the most popular and successful thing I've done so far, I consider it a very small part of my body of work. You took the time to find my website and comment on my blog, why don't you take a look at all of the other things I've done?

The "15 seconds of fame" I've received for Henry & Glenn has, in my view, unfortunately overshadowed everything else I've done as an artist. I think Henry & Glenn is a fun book, and I enjoyed making it with my friends (there were three other talented artists involved), and people really seem to love it. It's popularity has far surpassed my expectations. But as I've said in many interviews recently, it's just a dumb joke book that we thought up over a night of too many beers. There's no need to take it so seriously and get upset about it. It's funny that you quote Butthead... Beavis and Butthead essentially did the same thing, making fun of bands, and nearly 20 years later people still laugh with them and quote them. That's a lasting legacy.

As for me being a "typical internet loser phile" well, at least I try to create art, rather than just leaving hateful and badly written comments on blogs while hiding behind a pseudonym.

I have the utmost respect for the legacies of both Rollins and Danzig (I also love Hall and Oates, but their portrayal doesn't seem to bother you). Even though we poke fun at them with our little book, it is done with great appreciation for their contribution to the music world. I have most of their albums and still listen to them regularly. The first time I heard the Misfits, way back in the 6th grade, it blew my mind and opened me up to a new world of music and I have continued to search for new and interesting udnerground punk, metal and other forms of music my entire life. I'm also a self-publishing DIY artist and find great inspiration from the history of bands like the Misfits and Black Flag who adhered strongly to the DIY ethic in their early careers.

It has been said that parody is the greatest form of flattery, and I think that's true. If I didn't love these two great musicians, I wouldn't have devoted this much time and energy to making a book about them. I think it's unfortunate that Danzig and many of his fans, including you, are unable to see that in our work. It's unfortunate that you don't have a sense of humor about these things. But oh well... Have a nice life.


Thursday, August 05, 2010

Moby Dicks for sale in my webstore

All three versions of my Moby Dick silkscreen prints are now available in my webstore.
Order one NOW!


Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Save the date...

click for larger view
(artwork by Chris C. Cilla)


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A Decade of Comic Con

Back home and recovering from another week at San Diego Comic Con. My tenth year as an exhibiting cartoonist was very successful, and I had a great time hanging out with my friends, meeting new fans of my work, making use of the networking possibilities, and seeing all the ridiculous spectacles.

(this amazing photo was taken by Shawn Cheng)

San Diego Comic Con has changed a lot since I started going there. Most seem to think it has changed for the better. Maybe it did for a lot of people. But to me it no longer feels like a place for the kind of art and comics that I want to do. Hollywood has taken over the festival, and it's dominant presence is pushing out what put the word "Comic" in Comic Con. It has become San Diego Movie Con. The comic companies still there use this as a trade show for promotion and to sell properties to film and t.v. producers. And I'm not interested in doing that.

I went into this year's SDCC already thinking that it would be my last, but I was on the fence throughout the show. I love Comicon and usually do well at this show, but the increasing cost and stress of going to the festival makes it very difficult to continue.
Before the show opened on Saturday morning, I walked the entire length of the convention floor while my headphones played Pajo's album of Misfits cover songs. The quiet mornings before the attendees start spilling in are usually the only time I can get away from my booth. While I enjoy seeing the spectacle of rampant commercialism and pop-culture excess on display, and I revel a bit of an "us vs. them" rebellious feeling of being a self-publishing artist in that environment, this show now feels alien to my personal feelings about making art and comics.
I had this sinking feeling that they won. But I don't want to give them that much credit. Maybe I've just evolved in a different direction, and I no longer want to try to fit in there. Like when I realized that the popular kids in junior high were assholes who treated me badly and I should no longer try to be friends with them. It's a little sad, but also liberating. I spoke to several other cartoonists and artists throughout the weekend, and it seems I'm not the only one that feels that way. SDCC continues to raise the prices for exhibitors every year. I don't know what the reasons for doing this are, but from my perspective it's just another factor that contributes to my feeling that this Con no longer wants independent artists like me anymore. I can't afford the Hollywood prices and it makes more sense to spend that money elsewhere. There are more small and independent comic festivals popping up all over the country every year. And for the cost of a booth at SDCC, I could attend four or more of these smaller shows. These festivals feel more like a celebration of comics, filled with people who love the medium as an art form, whereas SDCC feels like I'm at war with a system that wants to crush me.
But I really do love the clusterfuck that is Comicon. So, I'll probably come back next year without a booth. I look forward to seeing the show from the other side of the table.
Special thanks to Shawn Cheng for coming all the way from New York to share the booth with me. He's the best booth-mate I've had in recent years. Thanks also to Levon Jihanian for hanging out and helping with our booth, and bringing his great new mini-comic Danger Country. And thanks to everyone at Sparkplug Comic Books and Teenage Dinosaur for doing these shows with me. You are all the best. Sharing an apartment with some of my best comics friends all week makes it feel like some kind of bizarro Cartoonist Summer Camp. Which makes me sad that this was the last one...
One of my friends said "if you sell something to someone in a costume, you win!" A girl in a Robin costume buying a black metal poster is a rare thing. She said she was a big fan of my art and this was one of my favorite moments of the week:

Good-bye San Diego Comic Con.


Thursday, July 22, 2010



Monday, July 19, 2010

San Diego Comic Con 2010

This week will be my tenth year of exhibiting at San Diego Comic Con as a self-publishing cartoonist.

Once again I have teamed up with Sparkplug Comic Books. The I Will Destroy You/Sparkplug Comic Books booth will be at #1630. In the indie neighborhood near Fantagraphics, Drawn & Quarterly and Last Gasp. (Sparkplug has a handy map here.)

I will be bringing a lot of stuff to show and sell. Here's a rundown:

Henry & Glenn Forever
Henry & Glenn's "Special Package"
Henry & Glenn "The Final Blow" poster
Henry & Glenn Forever T-shirts
Moby Dick Silkscreen prints
ISIS Live V silkscreen print
War Paint mini
Neely Covers Comics to Give You the Creeps!
and some other secret stuff.

I'll have all my older books and prints as well: The Blot, Your Disease Spread Quick, Brilliantly Ham-fisted, ISIS tour silkscreen poster, Wolves in the Throne Room tour silkscreen poster and my Giclee prints: The Wolf, Reborn and Rise Above

I'll have several originals for sale, including pages from Henry & Glenn Forever, Your Disease Spread Quick, my horror covers and comic strip poems.

AND- My Sparkplug pals and I will be blogging from the con all week at the Funny Towne Humor Pump. Check it out every day to see what we're up to.

This year I will be sharing my booth with the incredibly talented Shawn Cheng of Partyka artist collective. It's his first time at SDCC. Come check out his amazing mini-comics and art prints.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Gettin' ready for Comic Con


Wanna learn how to survive San Diego Comic Con? Find out at the Funny Towne Humor Pump where The Sparkplug Gang and I will be blogging about nonsense related to Ye Olde Comic Book Festivale!


Monday, July 12, 2010

The Final Blow

(click to make bigger)

Henry & Glenn "The Final Blow"
This is the mostly true story of Glenn's reaction to our comic book Henry & Glenn Forever. Thanks to J. Bennett at Decibel for lending me this story for my final HG4Ever strip, and for attempting to give Glenn a copy of our book that we all signed for him. As you can see, Danzig didn't even wanna look at it. Sorry we made you sad Glenn.

I will have these available as a poster at the I Will Destroy You / Sparkplug Comic Books booth (that's booth #1630) at San Diego Comic Con 2010 next week!


Thursday, July 08, 2010

Thar she blows...

I just got my new Moby Dick silkscreen prints back from the VGkids and they are beautiful!
There are three colors to choose from:
sepia, blue or red.
These will be available at my booth at San Diego Comic Con
and through my online store soon.

More info soon.