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Monday, July 12, 2010

The Final Blow

(click to make bigger)

Henry & Glenn "The Final Blow"
This is the mostly true story of Glenn's reaction to our comic book Henry & Glenn Forever. Thanks to J. Bennett at Decibel for lending me this story for my final HG4Ever strip, and for attempting to give Glenn a copy of our book that we all signed for him. As you can see, Danzig didn't even wanna look at it. Sorry we made you sad Glenn.

I will have these available as a poster at the I Will Destroy You / Sparkplug Comic Books booth (that's booth #1630) at San Diego Comic Con 2010 next week!


Derek Neuland said...

wow, that's incredible! (the story and the comic)

Bryan P. said...

This is sooo funny after reading the decibel piece.