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Monday, July 19, 2010

San Diego Comic Con 2010

This week will be my tenth year of exhibiting at San Diego Comic Con as a self-publishing cartoonist.

Once again I have teamed up with Sparkplug Comic Books. The I Will Destroy You/Sparkplug Comic Books booth will be at #1630. In the indie neighborhood near Fantagraphics, Drawn & Quarterly and Last Gasp. (Sparkplug has a handy map here.)

I will be bringing a lot of stuff to show and sell. Here's a rundown:

Henry & Glenn Forever
Henry & Glenn's "Special Package"
Henry & Glenn "The Final Blow" poster
Henry & Glenn Forever T-shirts
Moby Dick Silkscreen prints
ISIS Live V silkscreen print
War Paint mini
Neely Covers Comics to Give You the Creeps!
and some other secret stuff.

I'll have all my older books and prints as well: The Blot, Your Disease Spread Quick, Brilliantly Ham-fisted, ISIS tour silkscreen poster, Wolves in the Throne Room tour silkscreen poster and my Giclee prints: The Wolf, Reborn and Rise Above

I'll have several originals for sale, including pages from Henry & Glenn Forever, Your Disease Spread Quick, my horror covers and comic strip poems.

AND- My Sparkplug pals and I will be blogging from the con all week at the Funny Towne Humor Pump. Check it out every day to see what we're up to.

This year I will be sharing my booth with the incredibly talented Shawn Cheng of Partyka artist collective. It's his first time at SDCC. Come check out his amazing mini-comics and art prints.

1 comment:

luckydame said...

Where can I get the Henry and Glenn shirt now???