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Saturday, May 08, 2010

ISIS Live V record cover...

I did this for the cover of a limited edition of ISIS Live V.
Silkscreen print to wrap around the vinyl.
Limited edition of 250 records available
through the band on tour this summer.
I'll also have a few copies of the print by itself
available at upcoming comic festivals.

The album is really amazing. It is ISIS playing their album Oceanic in it's entirety from a performance at All Tomorrows Parties festival 07-23-06. I'm really lucky to have had the chance to create some artwork to go with the live version of one of my favorite albums.

There will also be t-shirts with this artwork available on their tour.


RDMS said...

what about us foreigners? do we get a chance to get one?

tom Neely said...

I'm not sure... I think they might be doing these for mailorder, too.

RDMS said...

ok I'll shoot an email off to Blue Collar. I picked up the live V CD in october when ISIS played in London. Epic stuff. Oceanic is just about my favourite album.

Matt @ Exquisite Things said...

This reminds me a bit of David B's work... really like it man.

Alee Karim said...

Amazing art! I forgot about this release; I'm looking forward to a new realization of this classic music. If I miss the record will their be bazillions of this shirt available on tour?

LessaDessa said...

This work is incredible. I missed out on the last bit of ISIS art by Horkey.. I definitely do not want to miss the opportunity to get yours. It's magnificent.

No chance of a pre-order I take it?

RIP said...

how sad isis is no more

tom Neely said...

Yeah... But I'd rather see a band break up in top form than burn out through years of repeating themselves. I'm sure they'll all go on to do great things with music.

tom Neely said...

I just got to see the silkscreen printed covers and they came out so good! They're signed and numbered and loaded up for ISIS's last tour ever!

I think they will also be available from Viva Hate Records.

ULAND said...

Looks like you've been browsing through my Flickr account again, Tom.

JK. Looks awesome.

tom Neely said...

i don't get it- i don't think i've ever seen your flickr account. did i do something similar to something you've done?