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Monday, August 16, 2010


For a limited time, you can now get both 1st and 2nd editions of Henry & Glenn Forever bundled together through my webstore. You can even get them signed and personalized!

A note about the difference in the two editions- The first edition is the now hard to find 5x5" 60 page minicomic. Sold out everywhere except here. 2nd edition is the expanded 6x6" 64 page book with 12 new strips. Both books are unique. So, if you want all the HG4ever strips, you gotta get both books!

To get both books bundled together, go to my webstore NOW!

If you already have the 1st edition or you just want the 2nd edition by itself, please order it from Microcosm Distro here.

1 comment:

kar said...

I'm curious if you've heard any feedback from either Hall or Oates. Henry's a cool enough guy to get the joke and Danzig, well, doesn't appreciate it.

However, I would think that Oates' kids are around the age that they would've heard of this.