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Saturday, November 06, 2010


A really nice review by Rob Clough of 3 books I did this year is up at The Comics Journal.
"he’s released a handful of gorgeous minicomics... In the past year, he’s become really ambitious with regard to his side projects, which speaks to his love of collaboration."
"It’s an affectionate send-up of the testosterone-soaked images of both singers by real fans, replete with lyrics-as-dialogue and all of the familiar iconography for both men. It’s less a poke at them than it is a parody of romance comics, overly-sensitive emo indy comics, and self-obsessed diary strips."

"The Neely-edited anthology Bound & Gagged is a far more accomplished and ambitious work, as 33 different cartoonists were asked to submit single-panel gag strips... All told, this is a beautifully-curated anthology with a clever premise that features cartoonists who raised their game."
"Neely took the idea of identical Popeyes battling each other from an old issue of his comic and turned it into a visceral examination of the ways in which our own id can lead to self-negating behavior."

And then you should buy these comics now.

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