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Friday, February 10, 2012

May all your dreams come true...

...and hopefully they won't become nightmares.

A couple of cool things I'm excited to announce:
1) I have completed Part 1 of "Buried Secrets" a new story to be serialized in the upcoming Igloo Tornado's Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever comic book mini-series. First issue should be debuting at Stumptown Comics Festival in Portland, OR and then in stores May! More info for this coming very soon
2) I just got the gig to draw some "legit" Popeye comics for the new IDW series written by my pal Roger Langridge. A while back I did a bootleg Popeye comic that you can read for free online at Studygroup12 Comics (or you can buy the mini-comic in my webstore). Now I'm really happy to say I've completed my first Sappo back-up story and am beginning a full issue of Popeye!  More info for that soon, too.

Next week is LA Zinefest, lotsa fun stuff happening, so stay tuned for more announcements!

1 comment:

The Holy Yost said...

Woah, congrats!