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Monday, April 06, 2009

Another Spanish review

I found another review of the Spanish version of The Blot online. This one isn't all positive. It seems that the reviewer unfavorably compares me to the great cartoonist Jason. The review calls me a "Jason Minor" and says my narrative reminds him too much of something by Jason. I've read several of Jason's books, but I'd be curious to know which one the review is comparing me to. I also find it interesting that this might be the first review that calls my book "funny." Anyway... Here's the link. And here's the broken translation:

With a desire to contradict the spirit of my blog, namely that of a comic book blog ever talks about comics, I will start a series of brief minireseñas some of the comics that I read lately. Start:

I will not deny that I enjoyed with the original proposal of Tom Neely and its striking use of the expressive possibilities of the comic. Nor deny that the history of The blot holds human interest, which can even think that this strange relationship of these strange people. But I just do not convince. The story of Neely, style aside, reminds me too much to the narrative of Jason, but Jason a minor, with a rate less able to give the impression sometimes gum stretched over the account and also a bit bland. And that issue may well have been signed by the Norwegian, but to reach the level of a Jason Neely lacks irony and sobran pages. Many pages. In short, a funny comic but somewhat disappointing.

Score: 7