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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Joder, me has fallen the red boat.!

My first Spanish review of El Borrón arrived today. If you can read Spanish, go here.

Here's avery broken Yahoo Babel Fish translation that doesn't make a lot of sense:

Joder, me has fallen the red boat.! This exclamation must of have loosen almost any sketcher to it of cómics, and I also suppose that Tom Neely, the creator of ' The Borrón'. And I dare to venture that the idea of this cómic was born when had a mishap of this type. Perhaps, in one of those moments, it said " we canalize the wrath that this causes and we remove to him something to me of benefit, I will make a tebeo… " TO EXTEND PHOTO ' The Borrón' he is cómic very complex, where Tom Neely has decided, mainly, to play and to undergo with all the mechanisms and techniques that the means allow him, using like protagonist to the red. Is pure metalanguage, in volume where love demonstrates his by cómic at the same time as reference can to serve as for all those sketchers that wants to see what can be done, until where can to arrive in some aspects, where it is the border… and that Neely is young, was born in 1975. History is practically dumb and narrates the life of an anonymous personage, in a city whatever it suddenly begins to see itself persecuted by the Red (the Nothing of ' Interminable' History;). Chapter to chapter, is surrounded in the rocambolescas situations, and every time it is seen more surpassed by the situation until he appears his rescuing angel in the form of woman who will take to him by the correct way, it calms, it cures and it alleviates to him. But everything is not what it seems, and the angel can become demon… In the end, in which the author tries is a happy end, it appears the color in the tebeo, like a metaphor. Between the strongpoints of this work they are all that we have mentioned of dominion of the technique and to experiment with means and to show its possibilities. In it must, is the fact that it needs a little spark, of feeling, although it can be compensated from the above. by Ricardo Mena

If anyone wants to give me a better translation, that would be nice.


Gin Stevens said...

Is pure metalanguage. How awesome is that the comic is Pure Metal Language.

The Big O said...


Are you kidding me? Best review ever!

Th. said...



That was me.