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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Creepy #46

Robert Goodin has a blog where he asks cartoonists to do their own versions of classic comic covers. It's called Covered. The site has great contributions from Jeffrey Brown, Jim Rugg, Sarah Glidden, Dash Shaw, Renee French and many more. It's updated daily, so go bookmark it.

Go to the Covered site to see my version of Creepy #46 alongside the original cover by Spanish artist Sanjulian.

I spent a while trying to figure out what classic cover I wanted to "cover." I was looking at some of my favorite Spider-man and X-men covers that inspired me as a child. But nothing seemed to really click. Recently, I've been collecting a lot of old horror comics, especially Warren's Creepy and Eerie. The original cover for Creepy #46 by Sanjulian jumped out at me immediately as something that I would like to do. It has the kind of strange, dramatic composition that I'm interested in. The background is so minimal and abstract. And I love drawing creepy hands, so those weird creepy zombie/vampire hands appealed to me instantly.

Check out Sanjulian's site- lots of great barbarian and fantasy illustrations. I wrote to him to tell him about my cover. He said he'll be at San Diego Comic Con this summer.

If you were wondering what I was drawing on my birthday morning, this is it.

If anyone's interested in purchasing the original art for my Creepy #46, please e-mail me. The original art is 18 x 24 inches. It is just the image. The "Creepy #46" lettering is separate. The original is ink and watercolor on paper.


Eric Orchard said...

Amazing job! I love what you've brought to this classic cover, a great homage but a work that is uniquely yours. I followed you over from covered and am now a fan.

Andrew Wales said...

Nice cover, and I like the looks of the Blot. Something kind of retro, yet edgy about the pages I saw.

Rosetung said...

i agree with orchard. your creepy is beautiful.