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Friday, March 20, 2009

"Hey man, is that Freedom Rock?"

This is way too funny not to post about...

"What sounds cooler than a blues-hard rock song full of guitar riffs?"

There are so many wasy to answer that question.
But this is not one of them:
"One with patriotic lyrics that benefit military families."

Apparently some dude with my name is in some shitty band.

But I have to post the article cause it's funny. Every time i see the words "Freedom's Stain" I think it has to be something like a Hot Richard.

What sounds cooler than a blues-hard rock song full of guitar riffs? One with patriotic lyrics that benefit military families.

The Los Angeles-based indie rock band Bridge Of Sighs recently partnered with Operation Homefront, the parent organization to OH Online, to donate proceeds from the tracks “Freedom’s Stain” and “The General Speaks” to the organization’s Wounded Warrior Program.
Band members Trent Stroh (bass/vocals), Tom Neely (guitar) and Mike Taylor (drums) wrote “Freedom’s Stain” following six concerts performed during two separate trips to the U.S. Naval base on Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
After a performance, the band befriended members of an Army Reserve unit. “We got to go back to their barracks. We were hanging out with them, and we started to write the song (“Freedom’s Stain”) that night,” Neely said.
Neely, whose father served in the Marine Corps, said that in that setting, the lyrics easily came to the trio:
“Where eagles fly
And Heroes die
This is freedom’s stain
While angels fly
And Mothers cry
Can you feel their pain?”
“We started playing it (“Freedom’s Stain”) live at our shows and it turned out to be our biggest hit,” Neely said.
Donating the proceeds was an obvious step, Neely said.“It seemed like a no-brainer to hook up with Operation Homefront,” he said.

The track “Angry Clouds” was also inspired by Bridge of Sigh’s interaction with the troops.
The album of the same name is dedicated to the men and women of the armed forces, according to the band.

Prior to forming Bridge of Sighs, band members performed separately with numerous world-class musicians including Eddie Money, Robert Palmer, Nancy Sinatra and Patrick Simmons of the Doobie Brothers. In 2004, Neely won the Los Angeles Indie Rock Guitarist of the Year award.
The album was produced and engineered by Grammy Award-winner Neil Citron, and features Grammy Award-winner and Hammond Organ player Bob Carpenter. It’s available now on Amazon.com and at iTunes.

I'm gonna have to use "Angry Clouds" as the name of my autobiography.

Supporting the troops is great. But anyway...
Reminds me of this old infomercial:

I love that "Freedom Rock" includes a song by the satanist-hippy band Coven.

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