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Sunday, March 02, 2008

Hydra Head Poster

This time a year ago, I was busy in my studio working on the final art for The Blot. While working on the book I listened to a lot of music. But probably the band I listened to the most during this period was ISIS. The tone and mood of their music felt very similar to what I was going for with my story, so it was inspiring to listen to them while working on my own art.

After I published the book, I was sending out review copies and I tried to figure out a way to send a copy to ISIS. But I figured any mail I sent to them would just end up thrown in some unread pile of fan-letters. So, I gave up that idea. Little did I know that Aaron shops at the same comics shop that I do, and we happened to meet by chance and all my metal-head fantasies were crushed as I found out that he's a comic-book geek like me.

Since then we've become good friends and now I'm happy to say we're doing our first collaboration. Here is the drawing I just completed for a Hydra Head Records show at SXSW later this month. Part of the drawing was inspired by a painting I once saw by Francisco de Zurbarán. Aaron is going to be doing the design, coloring and text layout for the poster, and then it will be a limited editions silkscreen sold at their shows. I'm looking forward to seeing what Aaron does with the image. In case you didn't know, he's also the art director and designer of most of the Hydra Head albums and he's quite good at that.

I'm still working on the Melvins Comic Book (another project for Hydra Head). I'm a little behind schedule, but it will be done later this month.