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Friday, February 01, 2008


Jacob Covey edited an awesome book for Fantagraphics called Beasts! It includes 90 artists doing their own interpretations of mythical monsters and beasts from around the world. The book was so successful, that he's decided to do a sequel: Beasts! 2. And I'm gonna be in it.

I chose the Skinwalker for my beast. It's sort of the Navajo (and Norse) version of a werewolf, but they can change into other things like hawks, coyotes, bears, etc.

Here is my version of a Skinwalker sort of in the middle of transformation:

The book should be out sometime this summer.

1 comment:

Insomaniac said...

How should I say this? Ok, to start off...After reading your blogs, I noticed SO MANY interesting parrallels and similarities with our lives. I too like the same kind of art and same kind of music, but as I read on and seen the blog for your forthcoming work for the Beasts 2 book, and noticed you chose Skinwalkers, well by satan I about choked up. Wouldn't you know it, I have a Black Metal band called Skinwlaker. We're from North Central Washington. And we named ourselves after the nations' darkest shamans. I mean...this is crazy. What you uploaded was brilliant. When we make our 1st record can I look you up for some artwork? I couldn't think of anyone else to do it.

One more person who TRULY likes your art,

Audio samples at: