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Monday, February 25, 2008


I share my birthday with:
Painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Cartoonist Arnold Roth
Actor Jim Backus (best known as Thurston Howell III)
Novelist Anthony Burgess
Beatle George Harrison
Wrestler Ric Flair
Musician John Doe of X
Actress Tea Leoni
Hobbit and Goonie Sean Astin
Brother Zeppo Marx
Annoyance Carrot Top

I'll be spending my birthday at the new BCAM building at LACMA.

UPDATE: I just returned from the BCAM. What a waste. A waste of a nice birthday afternoon. Yeesh! Other than a few nice Basquiats, Rauschenbergs and Twombleys I was completely uninspired by the whole thing. At one point I found myself more interested in the scrapes on the concrete floor caused by the installation of Richard Serra's sculptures than I was in any of the art. If anything, this BCAM building is a tribute to everything that is wrong with the last half of 20th Century art- a time when artists became clever jokers who fooled billionaires into investing in their shallow bullshit. It makes me long for L.A. to have a museum as great as the Met in NYC where we could go see some real art.


rosetung said...

awww. well, i hope you celebrate better this evening. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BUNNY!

tomN! said...

oh thanks! the rest of my birthday was great... just a wasted 2 hours in a disappointing museum.