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Friday, March 02, 2007

group show

I'm in La Luz de Jesus' Everything but the Kitschen Sync annual group show again this year. I went to the preview night last night... ugh. I'll refrain from voicing my regrets and misgivings about this show in public for now. I'll be at the public opening tonight. Here's the piece I put in the show... it's from 2005. It's called "Go South." It's not one of my best pieces- it doesn't seem to hold up on its own in a group show... Or maybe it just doesn't look good in that gallery when surrounded by the usual La Luz low-brow stuff.

Oh yeah... they mispelled my name on the website... it's "Neely" NOT "Neeley". You'd think after 5 years they might know. Oi!

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