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Tuesday, April 05, 2011


The following paintings were lost or stolen last year. They were last seen at the 100 Euros Show in Germany, curated by Antonio de Luca. 6 months after the show, I wrote to Antonio asking him to return my unsold pieces. He said none of them sold and he would ship them back to me immediately. I never received them. When I contacted Antonio he did not offer any tracking info, mailing receipt or insurance for the shipment of the artwork. It may have been a legitimate loss in the mail, but since I have received no help in finding the artwork, no proof that the artwork was returned to me, no offer of compensation (through insurance or otherwise), and since three of the pieces are still available for sale through his website, I'm a bit suspicious.

He is organizing another 100 Euros Show in Amsterdam now. I will not be submitting again, and I AM URGING ALL OTHER ARTISTS TO BEWARE!

If you see any of these 5 paintings for sale anywhere, please alert me immediately. I am still the rightful owner and anyone who has them is in possession of stolen artwork.

All are 9 x 12", ink, watercolor and gouache on paper. They are signed on the back by Tom Neely and dated 2009.

I can't tell you how much it bothers me to not know what happened to this artwork. It is very upsetting to think they are lost forever.

As further warning to artists out there... be sure whoever you send your artwork to is legit. I was so excited to be in a show in Germany, that I blindly trusted that everything would be okay. Hard lesson learned.

UPDATE: They have been removed from his website, and he assures me that they are not in his possession. So, I'm left to accept that they were lost in the mail. Still- no tracking, no insurance, no proof of shipping, no offer of compensation = no professionalism - Do not trust this person with your artwork.


Shinyfluff said...

So sorry to hear about this.... Good luck

zach hazard vaupen said...

i haven't done many shows, but the only two i wasn't there to take down i never received my artwork back or compensation for the work sold. one was a case of a friend putting on a show at his cafe, and then we had a falling out, so i could probably get it back whenever i get past my pride, but the other was a print show i was invited to take part in, and i was told some of my pieces sold, and so i told them where to send the money and the rest of my pieces that didn't sell. i never got a response after that or any art or money back. i emailed them several more times with no response.

it sucks, totally scared me away from gallery shows. hope your stuff turns up somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Let me know when he is doing one in Amsterdam. I live here and hopefully if I am here, I can check it out. I am an illustrator and I am sick of this shit. They think they can get away with it.


Steven Lougheed aka DangerPup said...

Actually it looks like your images are still up on the http://www.100euroshow.com/ site.

DangerPup said...

Actually, it looks like your images are still on the http://www.100euroshow.com/ site.

Anonymous said...

Yep they are still there, i emailed him asking about a few paintings (yours was one of them)and he didn't reply.