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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wanna buy some Blot art?

I'm offering some of the original paintings that lead to The Blot for sale now.

To explain how these paintings lead to The Blot, I'll quote myself from an interview with The Comics Journal:
"I wanted to create sort of a generic, nameless man that I could do anything with; a character that could represent me or anyone else. But when I started this series of paintings with him, something still felt stifled about the way I was working. That's when I started dropping ink on top of the paintings. I would finish one, lay it on the floor and drop ink on it to break myself away from the preciousness of constructing a picture... Pretty soon, those ink blots began to take on a life of their own. They became a conceptual element within the paintings as well as a formal abstract element.
... After doing a lot of these, some of them started to feel connected, so I began writing a story around them. The process that has grown out of this is that the paintings serve as a space for me to freely express some stream-of-consciousness ideas without having to worry about the bigger picture. Then later, I come back and see if they work their way into the comics... I had all of these short stories worked out that were based on paintings... I tied all those short stories together with some autobiographical elements, and that's what became the final book "The Blot."

These all date back to 2004/2005
They are all 20 x 24 inches
Watercolor and ink on paper
They come with a nice black wood frame

I've sold a few from this series in the past for various gallery prices.
Right now I'm offering them at a bargain for $500 each (+ shipping):

Contact me at tom (at) iwilldestroyyou (dot) com
if you want to purchase them.
Paypal accepted.


RDMS said...

any sign of the new prints yet, tom?

tomN! said...

Unfortunately, I can't afford to make any new prints at the moment. That's why I'm trying to sell some art.

RDMS said...

that sucks. I'm sure you wont have any trouble getting these sold.

tomN! said...

I will have some new band-related prints soon, though: Black Math Horseman and an ISIS print. But it might be a while before I make some of my own prints. Hopefully in time for the summer conventions.

Matt @ Exquisite Things said...

Awesome stuff.

Gonna give this some serious thought, but doubt I can afford the price tag (which is totally fair considering we're talking about original art).

Hope these sell fast for you!