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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Art for sale... Corpse Paint Post It Portraits

I just received most of my Corpse Paint Post It Portraits returned in the mail unsold from Giant Robot.

I would love to sell these to you.
$20 for the 3x3" square ones.
$40 for the 4 x 6" ones.

UPDATE: The infamous Varg of Burzum is SOLD!

UPDATE: Sanguine of Averse Sefira is SOLD!

UPDATE: One of the members of Profanatica is SOLD!

UPDATE: Malefic of Xasthur is SOLD!

UPDATE: Hildolf of Draugar is SOLD!

UPDATE: Blake of Nachtmystium is SOLD!

UPDATE: Drakh of Enochian Crescent is SOLD!

Wrest of Leviathan:

UPDATE: Fenriz of Darkthrone is SOLD!

UPDATE: King Diamond of Mercyful Fate is SOLD!

Alice Cooper:

UPDATE: Glenn Danzig (no corpse paint, but I couldn't resist) is SOLD!

UPDATE: Nattefrost is SOLD!

It from Abruptum:

UPDATE: Gaahl formerly of Gorgoroth is SOLD!

Frost of Satyricon:

UPDATE: Dead of Mayhem is SOLD!

Ancalagon the Black of Crebain:

N.H. of Corpus Christii:

Update- confusion over this one. When I was working on these,I google image-searched Behemoth, and found a photo that I used for reference. But this doesn't look like Nergal, so I couldn't figure out who it was... Turns out it's a dude from The Furor and the confusion was due to this blog entry about The Furor opening for Behemoth... SO, my mistake and the mystery solved. This is The Furor and they sound pretty good:

And this is me:

if tom was from Norway

Please e-mail me if you are interested in purchasing them. tom (at) iwilldestroyyou (dot) com


Justin Snow said...

Dude, I fucking love you for doing these. SO AWESOME.

Anonymous said...

Why no Abbath?

tomN! said...

Yeah, I probably should've done Abbath... but I've never really been a big fan of Immortal.

tomN! said...

Update: Burzum, Profanatica, Draugar, Nachtmystium, Fenriz, King Diamond, Danzig, Nattefrost, Gaahl, and Dead are on hold pending payment.

Anonymous said...

Fenriz is my favorite!

Art For Sale said...
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pablo said...

hey i've just seen this drawings and i'm interested on the Wrest one where can i contact you? my mail death-lol@hotmail.com