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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Post-it Portraits: Commissions and still available

Thanks to everyone that bought my Corpse Paint Post-it Portraits.
I even had a commission request for an Abbath:

Do you have a favorite Black Metal musician?
Commission Prices:
$25 for the 3x3" (+ $5 priority shipping)
$45 for the 4x6" (+ $5 priority shipping)

And these are still available for purchase:
$20 for 3x3" (+ $5 shipping)
$40 for 4x6" (+ $5 shipping)

Wrest of Leviathan:

Alice Cooper:

It from Abruptum:

Frost of Satyricon:

Ancalagon the Black of Crebain:

And this is me:

e-mail me at tom (at) iwilldestroyyou (dot) com

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