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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

My art is everywhere, but I'm right here...

There are lots of art shows happening this month that I am a part of.
And below is a special holiday offer for holiday gift book orders.

I will be represented by Black Maria Gallery at the Aqua Art Fair in Miami this weekend.

Opening Thurs, December 3rd, at Floating World Comics in Portland
I came up with a fictitious earth-worshipping-doom-druid-witch band GRIENHALS and their upcoming album TALLER THAN GOD.
Has anyone used the term "green metal" yet? I had planned to actually record a song or two and make my "fake band" a little more "real," but I only had time to do this poster:
They will have posters of this image available at the show.
I might make some silkscreens of this image in the near future.

Opening Sat, December 5th, at GR2 in Los Angeles
The 4th Annual Post-it show.
Curated by Mark Todd and Esther Pearl Watson.
They ask a large number of artists to do artwork on post-it notes.
Most of the post-its are then sold for a mere $20.
What better way to get some artwork by one of your favorite artists or cartoonists?

I still have my Lifeforce poster up at the SUPERTRASH show at the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. Go check it out. I wish I could.


If you frequent my blog,
I might assume that you have read my book The Blot.
And I might assume that you at least liked it a little.
Maybe you might know someone else who would like it, too.

So, here's my
I'd really like to offer a great deal for you like 30% off, but it's been a tough year, book sales have not been great, and I already offer my books at as low a price as I can...
So, here's what I can offer...

I will personalize any book with a drawing and a signature to whoever you are gifting it to. And I'll upgrade the postage at no extra charge* to priority mail to ensure that it gets to you in time for holiday gifting.**
*shipping upgrade for US orders only
**order by December 15th for last chance X-mas delivery

Want me to gift-wrap it?
No... No, you really don't.
Ask anyone who knows me- I'm a terrible gift-wrapper.

You've been meaning to check out one of those other books I did since The Blot, right? That Melvins book that all the cool kids have been passing around! Or that depressing comic strip book you've heard makes a great stocking stuffer! Maybe a new print for your wall? Sometimes the best part about holiday shopping is buying something for yourself. Why not throw one of those other books or prints into your cart?***

Be sure to let me know who to personalize your books to.

My elf will ship 'em as fast as she can.
And tell your stores to order my books from Tony Shenton and Last Gasp! for Indy Comic Book Week.

***(if you're wondering about the extra shipping when you order multiple books- I'm working on fixing that in my web store. Until then, I will refund part of your shipping. So, for example: if you were ordering The Blot, Your Disease..., and Brilliantly Ham-fisted you get charged a total of $8 shipping... but it only costs $3 to ship. I will rfund $5 of that until I figure out how to fix that problem in my paypal shopping cart.)


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