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Monday, December 28, 2009

Indie Comic Book Week

House of Secrets in Burbank, one of my favorite local shops, is participating in Indy Comic Book Week with a casual book signing for a few indy creators and artists. I'll be spending part of this Wednesday at House of Secrets hanging out, signing books, doing sketches and selling my prints and stuff. Please come by and say "hi."

What is Indy Comic Book Week? Well... Diamond Distribution has decided to not ship any comics to comic book shops this week because they don't feel like it (I know it's probably more complicated than that, but whatever...). Unfortunately, most comic book shops around the country only get their comics from Diamond. Therefore, these stores are screwed this week. This doesn't really affect me because I don't use Diamond for distribution because I don't like monopolistic companies that wield this kind of power. But some good folks have been organizing Indy Comic Book Week in an effort to fill the affected comic book shops with independently produced comic books and graphic novels. SO, it's a good time to support artists, independent comic book companies and indy-friendly comic book shops by spending some of that x-mas money you just got.

I have a list of stores that usually carry my books on the sidebar--->
of this blog and have just added a coupe of new ones. You can also check the Indy Comic Book Week blog for events in your area. Please go out and support your local comic book shop this week. It's been a rough year for small businesses, and it doesn't help when Diamond pulls crap like this on them. And here's hoping this makes some of those shops wake up and start ordering books directly from indy publishers and creators and promoting indy books on a regular basis instead of rolling over and letting Diamond continue to screw them.

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