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Friday, November 27, 2009

I'm big in Canada!

The Inkstuds radio show is doing a special fund-driving episode playing music by cartoonists: Lots of great music by Zak Sally,
The Swirlies, Mindflayer, Lightning Bolt...
and then they play three songs by me.
Sorry for mucking up the airwaves...

Yeah, I was in a band back in college... actually around '93-'97, I recorded songs on my four-track recorder in my dorm room or apartment all the time. At some point I compiled it all on a tape called The Tabloid Sound/Mary Lou and the Tards. I never could decide if the band name was Mary Lou and the Tards and the album name was The Tabloid Sound... or vice-versa? The name was inspired by an episode of CHiPs and an old dadaist word game.
Anyway... I only made a few copies on cassette and gave them to friends. But here they play two tracks from that album:
Mlk & Chz and Rape me Amadeus.
And that is followed by an excerpt from a song off my

1 comment:

dylan sparkplug said...

You're big in the U.S.A. too.