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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Self Indulgent Werewolf record reviewed!?

I just stumbled across a positive review of my record!!! And I didn't think anyone had ever listened to it. Anyway, thanks to "gc" who wrote this:

Tom Neely - Self Indulgent Werewolf (self-released)

So this is a case where this super limited record (only 130 copies) is not even available anymore, but I bought a copy from the creator at APE in San Francisco. APE is the indie comics convention, and Mr. Tom Neely is best known as an illustrator who overlaps into the music world, as in his comic "Your Disease Spread Quick" based on the Melvins lyrics. Having struck up a brief conversation with Mr. Neely about Corrupted, I purchased this (there are gold and silver covers-I got gold) which was a soundtrack for Neely's 2007 art installation at LA's Black Maria Gallery. With little expectation or context other than the sick cover art, it starts off with a repeating banjo line that starts to glitch and morph, seemingly influenced by Steve Reich and the Books. The rest of the first side involves a really spaced out tonal guitar dirge, really Thrones-inspired. Though he calls himself an amateur, it's an assured entry into the recorded sphere when too many would-be jack-of-all-trades have failed. It's too bad this is such a limited release, but you could still get a copy if you dig around. (gc)

A slight correction to that review- it is still available. I have about 100 (of the 130) copies sitting on a shelf in my studio. You can buy them from my store or they might still have them at the Hydra Head store. Sorry, it's vinyl only- why are you still listening to c.d.s? Haven't you heard records are back!

And if anyone's interested, I might be recording some new music soon.

1 comment:

Insomniac said...

I am interested. With the reviewer saying your name next to the Thrones in the same breath, totally interested. Not that I presume you're a clone. Hell our stuff sounds like Emperor loading the bong-bowls with Darkthrone with Mayhem and Immortal supplying the beer. And Slayer is standing in the corner getting all the chicks. Peace, Love and Ink Blot.