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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Triumph of Death over Los Angeles

This is my design for the ISIS tour poster series:

(click for larger view)

The series is being printed by Broken Press in Seattle. The silkscreen prints will be available at the ISIS show on June 24th at the Henry Fonda Theater in L.A. They will soon be available through Broken Press, and directly from me through my store or at upcoming conventions. My poster for Wolves in the Throne Room is also available from Broken Press, and direct from me soon.

I'm very proud to do some artwork for ISIS and to be a part of this series alongside some really great artists.

This is probably the most "METAL" thing I've ever drawn, but it's roots go way, way, way back. My piece is directly inspired by two of my favorite paintings by Pieter Bruegel:

"The Triumph of Death"

And "Fall of the Rebel Angels"

"The Triumph of Death" or "Dance of Death" was a common theme throughout Art history. Here's a few others.

Alfred Rethel:

Geoffrey Tory:

Italian fresco attributed to Buonamico Buffalmalco or Francesco Traini:

Not sure who did this one:


patrick said...

This thing fucking rocks

Matt @ Exquisite Things said...

Great post man! Bruegel's work is stunning... never a bad source of inspiration!

The poster is quite, quite gorgeous.

MikeyFGH said...

Ah awesome poster dude for one of my all time favourite bands... I shall have to get me a copy of this for my studio.... The feel of it is awesome...