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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

MoCCA and Giant Robot show in NYC this weekend (plus something next week)

I'll be at the MoCCA Comic Arts Festival this weekend! Plus I'm in a group show at Giant Robot NY.

Saturday and Sunday I'll be at MoCCA.
I'm sharing a table with my friends Jesse Reklaw and Willow Dawson. I think we're table #813 (which appears to be along the back wall) and we're listed under Sparkplug Comic Books in the program.

I'll have The Blot, Your Disease Spread Quick and Brilliantly Ham-fisted for sale. And if I can fit them in my suitcase, I should have some prints and other stuff for sale as well.

Also, on Saturday at 2pm, I'll be part of a panel called "Making Comics in a New Era" with Brett Warnock (Top Shelf), Alvin Buenaventura (Buenaventura Press), Dylan Williams (Sparkplug), Mats Johnson, and Julia Wertz. It's moderated by Heidi McDonald (The Beat). I have no idea what I'll be talking about. It should be interesting.

Check the MoCCA website for address, schedule and other info.

Saturday Night there is an art opening and book signing party at Giant Robot NY:

I should have 4 of my comic strip poem originals in this Panelists show. This is the first time I've shown at a gallery in NYC! And there are lots of other great artists in this show, too. Also, this is a "Future Shock" book signing party for several new comics from Sparkplug Comic Books, Secret Acres and more. Two parties in one! Check the Giant Robot NY website for more info.

And one last thing, since I won't be able to blog about it while I'm away...

There's an auction benefit happening in Los Angeles on June 10th. I've donated two of my prints to be auctioned off. The proceeds go to help support anti-gang, youth-oriented parks programs and is hosted by Eric Garcettti. Check out the flyer for more info:


Fainne said...

No HeroesCon this year?

tomN! said...

no... can't afford heroes con this year. i had a lot of fun last year, but i only sold 2 or 3 books. plus i need a break before the big San Diego Comic Con next month.

Fainne said...

That's too bad. I wish I could afford to go to NYC or San Diego. I hear the cons are AMAZING.