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Monday, May 19, 2008

Book By Its Cover Sketchbook Series

Check out my sketchbook pages at Book By Its Cover.

If you don't regularly check out Julia Rothman's Book By Its Cover blog, then you should. She does great little snap-shot book reviews of lots of interesting art and illustration books and the occasional comic book, too. (She reviewed my book last summer)

She has also been posting a regular "Sketchbook Series" in which she asks different artists to send her pictures from their sketchbooks and comment on them.

When she asked me, my first thought was "I don't use my sketchbook nearly enough..." my next thought was "My sketchbooks are full of terrible drawings that no one should ever see!" But I managed to dig through and find some stuff that might be interesting. So, go here and check out my sketchbook pages at Book By Its Cover.

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