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Monday, May 12, 2008

Back from Portland/Seattle

I can't say that I recommend Seattle's Emerald City Comic Convention as the best place to try and sell an indie comic book or graphic novel, but it was a good excuse to go up to Seattle for the weekend. It also gave me a chance to visit nearby Portland and see all my cartoonist friends that live up there.

Two of the many things I love about Portland:
Vegan Cupcakes and lots and lots of green trees

While I was at the convention I asked several of the people in costumes to pose with my book. I've done that at several cons now, but this is the first time where I got "attitude" from some of the costumed people. Some douche who is way too old to be dressed as Magneto said "are you going to pay me for this endorsement?" Do you really think I need an endorsement from an old man who dresses up like a super-villain? Here's a tip- if you wear a cartoon costume in public, you wave your right to have an attitude. But he wasn't the only one, I also received similar sentiments from a dude dressed like some kind of video-game-anime demon and a jack-ass dressed like Gambit.

But anyway... Here are a few of the nicer costumed people who were happy to pose for a photo with my book.

That scarry bunny from Donnie Darko:

Guy Gardner of the Green Lantern Corps:

A couple of the Suicide Girls:

I also came up with a new comic convention pass-time...
putting "kick me" signs on the backs of stormtroopers:

Also- if you're ever in Seattle, go eat awesome vegan pizza at Pizza Pi!!!

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