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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I Will Destroy You & Igloo Tornado at San Diego Comic Con!

I Will Destroy You / Igloo Tornado at San Diego Comic Convention!!!

We just stapled all our minis last night and I'm surprised at all we have:

10 different mini-zines and mini-comics.
3.5* different t-shirts in a rainbow of colors
4 limited edition giclée prints
1 awesome graphic novel

Scot Nobles brings us 3 cool art zines
"Lace Lock Losers" B&W with hand-printed covers
"Now or Later Loser" in Full Color with hand-printed covers
Or buy the special packet of both and get a 3rd mini "Loser"
(kinda like those porno three packs you get at truckstops)
"Loser Goes First" T-shirt
and his beautiful giclée print "Tete-a-tete"

Gin Stevens brings his first ever attempt at a mini-comic:
The soon to be controversial "Fat Elvis" in which he has recontextualized artwork from the old south with some jokes by a famous comedian.

Levon Jihanian brings the best two minis of the show:
"The Only One There Could Ever Be"- a book of illustrated poetry
inspired by the Highlander series of movies by Jihanian
(illustrations by other members of the Igloo).
"Ordinary Fieldbook"- this is gonna be the best mini of the convention! A beautiful full color sketchbook.
Chock-full of monster battles and grocery lists,
if you've never seen Levon's sketchbooks, you've been missing out!
"Cat & Demon" Igloo Tornado t-shirt

Tom Neely brings:
His debut graphic novel "The Blot"
"S'supermini"- a mini comic of super-hero gag cartoons
"I'm Depressed"- the unauthorized garfield comic
3 new giclée limited edition prints of his paintings:
Reborn, The Wolf, and Rise Above
"The Blot" t-shirts

Igloo Tornado Unite:
The infamous "Henry & Glenn 4-Ever #1" returns!
But wait, there's a new one: "Henry & Glenn 4-Ever #2" with special guest stars Hall & Oates as their new neighbors!
"Hall & Oates" t-shirts!

There may also be some original artwork for sale.

We'll be joining Sparkplug Comic Books at booth #1533, just around the corner from D&Q and right behind Bueneventura Press.

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