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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Comicon was awesome!

I have to say this was the most fun I've ever had at the San Diego Comic Convention. It was also the most exhausting running my own booth with the help of my fellow Igloo Tornados.

I debuted "The Blot" there and was very happy to find it well received by many people. This year, I felt like a real cartoonist with my first graphic novel. I sold a lot of copies and signed nearly every one of them. I met some new people and had a lot of fun hanging out with all my cartoonist friends.

I got a few pictures of people in costumes posing with my book:

Power Girl

Tobias Fünke from Arrested Development


And I got a lot of great new books:

This year, I was really happy to see a lot of "comic books" from artists I like, rather than "graphic novels." The photo above includes: Joe Matt's Spent, James Sturm's America, Jermy Tindler is an Asshole, Porcelain Skinned Dandy & Homicide Detective by David King, Black Ghost Apple Factory by Jermy Tindler, Injury by Ted May and friends, 1-800-MICE by Matthew Thurber, Cat Suit by Steve Lafler, Edison Steelhead's Lost Portfolio by Renée French, Reich by Elijah Brubaker, Green Grass anthology, Reporter #6 by Dylan Williams, Exit Wounds by Rutu Modan, Incredible Change-bots by Jeffrey Brown, Watching Days Become Years #4 by Jeff Levine, Suicide Girls Magazine #1, Fox Bunny Funny by Andy Hartzell, Aviary by Jamie Tanner, Love Eats Brains by Dash Shaw, a stack of awesome horror comics from the '50s and '60s, and a nice Squid and Whale shirt by Josh Frankel.


Jason said...

I just found out about you within the hour. Your book sounds awesome...I hope there's an English copy in Japan somewhere.

Have you ever read Kevin Huizenga? I haven't read anything of yours, so I can't be sure, but what you're doing in The Blot seems categorically related to what Huizenga does in some of his books, but in a way that isn't similar at all. Go figure.


tomN! said...

I like Huizenga's work a lot. But I don't see much similarity in what we are doing with comics. Though, we are both influenced by Floyd Gottfredson, I think that we approach comics in a completely different way.

David Lasky, Esq. said...

Rohrshach and the Blot -- what a perfect combination.

And Power Girl. Sigh.