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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Massive Website Update!

I've finally managed to get my website updated!!!
(and I owe endless thanks to Levon Jihanian)

I added several new items to the store, including my new book:
Plus 4 recent prints, including a certain poster that many people have been asking about.

Added some recent paintings to the art section.

I've added an illustration section with all kinds of recent and past illustration jobs that I'm particularly proud of.
Don't you wanna hire me to draw something?

Updated my bio info to show that I've been married for the last year and a half. And added some recent art shows to my C.V.

So go check it out! Lots of new stuff.


jhulud said...

Sweeeeeet!!! Ordered the ISIS Live V print with the quickness!!!

Gavin said...

Nice one! I remember you having some prints of the Kitty Pride/Nancy strip you did a while back - are these going to be available in the store, or directly from you at some point?

tom Neely said...

I'm all out of the Kitty Pride at the moment, but when I print more I'll put them in the store. Thanks!