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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Busy busy busy

Here's a few things going on...

I was a guest on my pal's podcast debut episode. You can here us ramble on about comics, DIY, music, growing up in Texas, and living in LA with gunslinging neighbors. Listen to the first episode of Shakeytown Radio here.

Sean Collins gives my Neely... Creeps! book a really nice review here.

"People ought to be studying that lush midnight blue background in Adventures Into Terror, that sickly purple twilight in Beware the Clutching Hand and Unearthly Spectaculars, the candlelight effect giving way to a rich orange shadow in Creepy #79. That the comic's paper holds them as well as it does is a testament to Neely's skill as a self-publisher in addition to his instincts as a colorist."

Go buy it here.

And I'll be at Indy Euphoria in Sacramento this weekend. I really like this show, and I want everyone near Sacramento to go check it out. Lots of good cartoonists and comics to see. More info is on this site. See you there!

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