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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

GR2 Year of the Tiger?

So, I just finished this piece for the Giant Robot Year of the Tiger show at GR2... But then I notice that they forgot to include me on the postcard or the press release, or any of their online announcements... So, will this piece be on display at GR2 this Saturday?

This is another of my reinterpretations of a classic horror comic book cover. This time it's a 1965 Harvey Thriller: Unearthly Spectaculars. See the original drawn by Jack Sparling here.


John Platt said...

Yikes. Both yours and the original are pretty damn disturbing. I like!

el gato said...

They're both pretty disturbing, but yours wins hands down. Looks like Tigerboy had some time to work over that first dude... YEEEESH!

tomN! said...

Thanks guys!

It will indeed be at Giant Robot.
The show opens this Saturday at GR2.