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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Best Comics of the Decade #19

This blog called Only the Cinema has a list of Best Comics of the Decade and The Blot comes in at #19:

Tom Neely's self-published long-form debut, after a string of minicomics and shorter pieces, is a real shocker, coming out of nowhere to introduce a wholly new and exciting sensibility. His cartoony characters and obtuse symbolism add up to a difficult work, slippery in its meanings and intent, that is nevertheless impossible to look away from. With few words and very little narrative, Neely traces the experiences of a cartoon everyman, with a bulbous, rounded head, comically big feet and Mickey Mouse-style gloves, as he is consumed and pursued by an amorphous black inkblot that sometimes appears as small splotches within his white world, and sometimes threatens to flow across the page, consuming everything in its path. Neely presents various encounters between the man, the blot and a woman who sometimes seems to be helping him and sometimes seems fixed on his destruction. The book deals with conformity, creativity, love and humiliation, all through these enigmatic, nearly silent strips where the blot's seeming meaning and purpose fluidly changes depending on context.

This reminds me... I need to raise some money for future publishing projects, so I'm possibly going to be offering some more Blot-related artwork for sale on my blog soon.


RDMS said...

can you do some prints to??

tomN! said...

i do have prints available in my store:


i will have some new ones up soon, too.