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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Robot Boobs are FUNNY!

Every time I see robot boobs it makes me giggle... not like a kid who just saw boobies and he's embarrassed, but because I think it's silly how often they come up in comics. It happens a lot in Heavy Metal Comics (or the awful movie), but if you really want to see cheesey, sometimes gross, sexy (if you're into metal genitalia) robots, check out the fascinatingly grotesque artwork of Sorayama.

I always wonder who gets off on that stuff, but someone does and that makes me laugh. So, I couldn't resist giving the "Mechanical Bride" in my Melvins comic book some metal boobs. However, my mechanical bride is more inspired by Metropolis than anything else.

The Melvins Comic Book (which has been on hiatus due to too much freelance work) is now back on track and will be finished this month. The above image is a panel from page 15 and features The Civilized Worm, Rat-faced Granny and the Mechanical Bride- characters inspired by the song titles from the Melvins album A Senile Animal.

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