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Friday, September 14, 2007

Self Indulgence...

I don't know how to add an animated gif to a blog-post.
But if you click on this link you can see an animated gif of my "self indulgence" series of paintings.
Black Maria Gallery has also made a box set of mini-prints of this series.
Limited edition of 40 signed sets for $50.

Click here to see the animated gif.

Contact the gallery to purchase a set for yourself!


Annie-Mae said...

I think for the next showing you put it on a circular stand and have people walk around to see the whole thing. They'd see that it really never ends.

Awesome gif. Thanks for putting it together.

BlogFoot said...

To post a gif to your blog, simply right click your mouse when at the original site where the gif is, then choose "view image location." Then, copy that url and load it to your blog as you would a photo or link.

Here's the link if you want it:

I dig your stuff quite a bit, by the way.