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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Paint it black!

I'm on the cover of Art Scene (Southern California edition) this month! Jody Zellen gave me a really nice review for the publication. You can read it here.

I especially like the last paragraph: "There is irony as well as humor in Neely’s work. He is able to fuse disparate styles. Being able to tell stories as well as illustrate them is a gift, and Neely excels as a draftsman. Working with various modes of presentation--drawing, painting, sculpture as well as the book format--Neely may represent the next step in the fusion of high art with the comic book."

I finished up all my paintings for the show last week.

This week, I've been busy getting the show put together over at Black Maria Gallery. I'm painting the gallery black!

And a big wolf head by the door to greet you!

See you next week!


J said...

thats fucking badass as HAIL! its so sad i can't see this in person!

Matthew said...

Looks great man... wish I could be there.


Alissa Nielsen said...

This looks amazing!! Loved the blot. Wish I could go to this.

Mister Manifesto said...

Holy shit! That looks amazing. I wish I could be there.