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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Two Premieres this week!

1) Channel Frederator Episode #5 came out today- featuring "Don't Pick On Me"!!! the music video I did for The Muffs. Channel Frederator is bundling independent animated shorts into 15 minute episodes that you can download for your iPod or other personal players.

If you register (it's free) with Channel Frederator, you can login, vote, and make comments about the cartoons.

You can watch the episodes online, but now I'm tempted to go buy one of those ipod things... I'm also happy that Episode 5 includes Le Building, a really cool short French cartoon that came out last year. Also Berd and Skwerl is rather funny, but I really love the surprisingly wonderful way that bird is animated.

Click here for episode 5

Click here for the Frederator Blog entry about me!

2) Friday night is the premiere of the new Nickelodeon cartoon "The X's"! I've been a background painter on this cartoon since around episode 3 and it's been a lot of fun. I've only seen 2 episodes so far, but I thought they were very funny, and the stylish design of the show is pretty original. The hilarious Patrick Warburton heads up the voices as Mr. X, the father of a family of super-spies who are always at battle with the evil Glowface. The show was created by Carlos Ramos. And my pal Patrick Morgan is the Design Supervisor for the background art.

Friday they will air 3 episodes back to back in prime time.

Click here for the Nick X's site

1 comment:

Dylan Williams said...

Hey, Tom. What do you do the backgrounds in? That one looks great.