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Thursday, July 28, 2011

people seem to like The Wolf...

some reviews...
Sean T. Collins reviews it over at his personal blog:
You can tease an emotional narrative out of the proceedings easily enough — past callousness, cruelty, and self-destruction in the context of a relationship are overcome, atoned for, and healed through sexual connection, and a transcendent future is discovered, a natural world untouched by the taint of the bitter past. But it’s the way each individual stage of that journey is depicted with symbols, colors, and creatures that capture and embody it perfectly

This one from Graphic Eye reviews The Wolf alongside Dave McKean's Celluloid:
For all the pell-mell of the mindbending plots, the creation of altered states and surreal fantasies would be for nothing, if it were not for the sheer virtuoso talent of both creators. McKean has long been established as a master of multimedia imagery and Celluloid represents possibly his finest work.... It’s all the moreso with The Wolf, though, as Neely deliberately breaks the connection to reality with his visual quirks. When the skinless creature first emerges, he wears the mime-gloves of old Disney cartoons as a telling sign that the rules of reality no longer apply, and we are in the realm of elastic physics. This allows Neely’s expressiveness to play and amplify the world of the story
Be sure to read the whole article. To be reviewed alongside Dave McKean is... well... i dunno... doesn't seem like long ago I was just a kid in Texas eagerly awaiting each new issue of The Sandman, not for the comics so much as for Dave McKean's amazing covers... whodathunk this would happen?

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Justin said...

Hey Tom, I just posted another review @ Poopsheet Foundation. Good stuff!