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Friday, June 10, 2011

Pre-order The Wolf!

The Wolf is finally done and printed and in the process of being bound... Should be back from the printer in a couple of weeks. Therefore it is pre-order time! Order it now from the IWDY webstore.

And here's a little preview movie I put together:

(it looks better if you go to youtube and watch it on full screen)

If you are in the Los Angeles area, don't pre-order yet! I will be having a book release party at The Secret Headquarters Comic Shop on Friday July 8th.


B A S T A R D I S E R said...

will be putting in a preorder soon, looks great! the music was excellent. related: is the house of low culture soundtrack no longer going to be a part of this, or have i missed something? i don't see it with the preorder...

either way, still a purchase for me.

take care,

tom Neely said...

The HOLC soundtrack didn't work out. So, the book will not come with a soundtrack.

Jeff Flowers said...

I have a quick question: in the preview, were you just showing panel or whole pages? Or in other words, is the book one panel per page?

tom Neely said...

the book is not a traditional comic book with panels laid out on a page. it's more like a long narrative series of paintings in book form. which is my pretentious way of saying: yes, it's one image per page.