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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Two posters I designed...

One for the upcoming Heavy Metal Film Fest at the Downtown Independent Cinema in Los Angeles, CA:

And another for The Bunny Game, an independent extreme/horror film by Adam Rehmeier:

Don't you wanna hire me to do some art?


tarleisio said...

I'd hire you, but I'm afraid you're kind of priced out of my range...

Dude, I think I'd KILL for that first one as a poster, just becasue I'm that kind pf pervery, but alas, there's no one around to help me bury the body! :-(

rich tommaso said...

Wow, Tom! That Heavy Metal movie poster is gorgeous!Great job! Love the color choices.

SERAWOLF said...

love the Bunny Game Poster!!

SERAWOLF said...

love the Bunny Game poster!!