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Monday, August 24, 2009

Inkstuds Mix Tape #666: CORPSEGRINDER

Robin McConnell is asking several cartoonists to put together a playlist of songs for The Inkstuds radio show mixtape series.
My mixtape is #6(66) in the series and I've named it "Corpsegrinder" after my favorite song on Zak Sally's new album.

Making a mixtape is something I've done hundreds of times. I think I probably made my first mix tape around the 3rd grade. I've always taken these things seriously. I dig through stacks of c.d.s and records and listen to hours of music trying to figure out what I want to do. This list started out as a diverse mix of jazz, country, punk, pop and (of course) metal, but the original cut was over 4 hours long. So, I started weeding things out for various reasons. Eventually I decided on a theme that leaned more towards the aggressive side and centered mostly around what I've been listening to the most this summer- grindcore, crust punk and avant garde jazz.

And because I'm a bit OCD with these things, I decided to make this virtual online playlist as an actual mixtape with a carefully selected musical arc on both Side A and Side B. I even timed it all out so that it would be exactly 66 minutes 6 seconds long*. I have always made cover art for my mixtapes, so I did the same here. If you are so inclined, you can print out the cover and dub the mix onto a blank tape and rock it on your walkman.

Anyway... I spent way too much time working on this, but it was a lot of fun. I don't really expect anyone to enjoy it (I can think of only a handful of friends who might also enjoy this mix), but maybe you will. Check it out.

*don't worry mom, I'm not really a Satanist, I just like the music.


Chuck McBuck said...

Hey Tom,

I just loaded the mix onto my ipod and i can't wait to listen. I love the tape cover art. It reminded me of an old friend who would make mixes for me in much the same manner with great artwork for the sleeve. Good job!

Matt @ Exquisite Things said...

Nice one man! This looks great. I just bought a tape deck a few months back because there's so much good stuff being released by small tape only labels right now.

Power to 'deceased' formats!