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Friday, January 09, 2009

Beastie Bot #003

For some reason I thought this show was opening tomorrow night... I'm an idiot for not looking at the postcard. But most shows in L.A. open on Saturdays. Gallery 1988 must think they are in San Francisco, where all openings happen on Thursdays... So, I missed the opening and now I'm blogging about it too late.

Anyway, I did a little collaboration with my friend Matt Burlingame for this Beastie Boys themed group show.

Matt makes amazing robots (I own one, and bought one for my brother, too). He's a genius at building these things. I can't believe they are hand-made and one of a kind! He also makes amazing diarama house sculptures that you have to see to believe. They look like some ancient wooden toy built by a puppet master from the 19th century. I also love that he has a sick sense of humor and a healthy appreciation of the macabre. Matt is also one of the set builders for the Robot Chicken show. And he's also in the latest BEASTS! Book 2 with a super creepy Wendigo sculpture. Someone give this guy a good solo show!

Normally, I avoid theme shows (especially ones like this) and collaborations, but Matt's a swell guy and he talked me into it. Plus I like robot toys. So, here's our "Beastie Bot #003" Matt made the body, I painted the three interchangeable heads. There is a head for each Beastie boy, with three different faces on each head piece. It came out really nice.

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