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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

2 Group Shows this weekend!

I've got work in two group shows opening Saturday, December 13th:

POST IT SHOW 3 at Giant Robot 2 in Los Angeles.
I made 19 post-it-portraits of artists and writers that I like. I posted all of them here. With most pieces priced at $20, this show is a great way to get super-inexpensive artwork by a lot of todays best cartoonists, illustrators and artists. Recession art!

Not in L.A.? Sorry- GR won't pre-sell anything from this show. It's a first-come-first-serve sell-a-thon at the opening reception. After that, they will sell the remaining post-its through their web store.

BEASTS! 2 book release party and print show at the Fantagraphics Book Store in Seattle, WA.

I have nice new prints of my Skinwalker beast. The prints are a 2 plate letterpress with hand-painted watercolors by me. Limited edition of 60 copies. Fantagraphics has numbers 1-5.
They are $60 - Cheap!
Or order the BEASTS! 2 Book here.

Not in Seattle? In January there will be another Beasts! 2 show at Giant Robot San Francisco (more details coming soon). Sometime after the holidays, I hope to get these prints up on my online store.


Trystan Sregor said...

aww, i would kill to be there

Insomniac said...

Coincidentally I had a gig on the day of the Fantagraphics Beasts 2 exhibition. So in a way, 2 forms of Skinwalkers were displaying art that day. Still interested in a print.

Devin aka Insomniac
[Guitarist-Vocalist-Skinwalker (Wa.)]