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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Interview on Inkstuds

I really hate the sound of my voice... but that's because I sound so awesome inside my own head. The rest of you don't know how awesome I sound inside my own head, so I assume you already know that my voice sounds terrible... but despite my feelings about that, I am happy about this interview I did with Robin McConnell for INKSTUDS. I think it is pretty good.

For about 45 minutes we discuss the following topics: Wolves in the Throne Room. The Blot. Finding out about old comics through Philip Guston. Whether my Melvins Comic Book is "sad" or "hilarious." Our first concerts. Dock Boggs. Books I've been reading. Why my art is depressing and whether or not I should "cheer up." And why I don't like big monopolisitic distributors.

You also get to hear four songs that I picked for the show, including one from my Self Indulgent Werewolf record that you can buy here. ANd one that Robin says is the heaviest song ever played on his show. YAY!

So, go now and listen to me talk about myself on INKSTUDS. See if you can count how many times I say "ummm..."

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